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What’s eating you up inside?

Today I received a picture that disturbed me to the core… It had me in my feelings - in fact, I experienced a roller coaster of feelings all at once.

Vincent Sr., my husband, sent over a picture of wooden beams inside of precious walls that hold up a place that we cherish so much!

In an intentional effort to beautify this building, we’ve begun minor repairs. The contractor called our attention to something that has (over time) been having its way at terminating the wood - and for many ages at that. There were signs of vultures being present (yet unseen externally). The presence of culprits who live off of wooden structures and work overtime to feed themselves with no remorse to the damage they’ll cause in the end, disgusted me immensely.

The most irritating part is that these creatures are typically quiet about their dirty business. They make no noise alarming you that they’re present! If you visit a place every so often, it’s very easy to simply wake up to the result of their labor on a random day of examination!

I’m bothered that specialists who previously inspected for their existence (as a preventative measure) would not catch this… and to only now be exposed to their “ill intentions,” causes great unsettling in my thoughts.


  • What’s eaten away at our hearts, our inner-beings, our souls that we’re possibly not paying close enough attention to recognize?

  • Who or what thing is lurking quietly in an effort to steal what benefits only them…?

  • When will intentionality become priority and the goal to fully detox overrides what only feels or tastes good?

  • Who have we unforgiven and owe an apology to? Why not set ourselves free of the guilt inside (that no one else sees or knows about)?

  • What are we covering up behind the pretty walls of our beautifully and wonderfully made bodies?

  • How are we showing up daily?

  • Who is going to determine when ENOUGH is ENOUGH? Will it be YOU or IT?

  • Are we ready now? Ready to cleanse ourselves? Starting with the inside and working our way out...

After all, we’re no good to anyone else (especially over time) by allowing ourselves to be terminated and weakened from the inside.

Psalms 51:2 - Wash me inside and out from my wrong-doing and make me clean from my sin. (NLT)

Change your life. Be Free. Inspect. Forgive. Let Go. Let God!

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