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Stand Up and Live

I remember a 4th grade teacher saying to me "You'll never do well in life"... aloud over a classroom of other peers.. I recall the feelings I felt as others stared and laughed...

😥 I remember the thoughts that traveled through my head at that time..

I recall the mixed emotions that I felt at that very moment even now as I type this message...

...I sit here today in GRATITUDE..

GRATEFUL for the blessings that God has bestowed upon my life and the lives of those that I do life with daily. Even more grateful that my parents instilled the Word of God in us and I knew WHO I was at a very young age! (I decided that I would graduate from High School in 3 years vs 4).

HUMBLED that we're able to influence our children in a POSITIVE LIGHT and SHOW them what it means to truly live for Christ and not just say it...

STOKED that multiple College Degrees later and a successful Business Owner of several years that together, my husband and I can intentionally teach our children to POUR into others and not ROB one of their dreams (even if they appear unrealistic).

WILLING to accept the challenge as our childrens' LIFE COACHES who have the ongoing task of encouraging them to BUILD and not to DESTROY. PUSH towards RESISTANCE (even when it's unpopular & deemed impossible)... Being parents who home-school may not come easy, yet it's worth every challenge it poses!

REMORSEFUL for others who might have allowed someone's thoughts of them to altar their journey ahead vs. allowing what God's Word says about them to STAND UP AND LIVE in them... (Ephesians 1:3-14)

😇 TODAY as a LEADER, I encourage you... DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS to speak a DEATH SENTENCE OVER YOUR LIFE!!!! Stand up and LIVE!!!!!!!!!! God Created you for this...

I'm sure that there are other innocent men and women today that have fallen victim to something similar... You might have experienced someone in "authority" speaking poison over your life at one point or another... LISTEN... GOD WANTS YOU TO LIVE ACCORDING TO HIS WORD. STAND UP AND LIVE!

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