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Trust and the Trampoline

...Jumping on the trampoline with our children and I had a HUGE Revelation…

Our older son came up with an idea to have a little fun one day while jumping on the trampoline together.

He announced the rules to the game:

The rules were to have someone (in sitting position on the trampoline) to partner with one other person who would stand. That standing partner was to have their eyes closed and only use the sitting person’s VERBAL INSTRUCTIONS to locate and tag an opposing roaming individual (also on the trampoline).

This was FUN! I mean LOADS of fun!

So my game partner and I decided to use “code words” so that the opposing party who was running away from us would not understand the meaning of the words we were blurting out. So we chose COLORS!

GREEN meant to turn right and you’d run right into him!

RED meant, go left - NOW!

YELLOW, well that was a signal for launching forward.

And BLUE, that simply meant, the opposing party was directly BEHIND YOU!

This was working! Well, at least I thought it was.

Although my game partner had their eyes completely shut, he could feel the movement of the other party running around and begin to get anxious (versus listen to code words)! Imagine our team being “all over the palace” at this point.

My game partner had a sense of “where” the other teammate could be at any given time (so he believed) yet couldn’t put his hands on them to physically tag.

My game partner started to feel defeated. My verbal instructions were not good enough! His senses were not working either. Even though we established a clear set of rules, at some point, my partner lost faith in the verbal clues, and more...

Each failed attempt to tag the other party was a reminder to my teammate that he should, instead, take matters into his own hands...

So he did just that! He began to peek through the slits of his eyes in search of the opposing party. Although, we’d established a clear set of rules, seeing for himself just seemed to be most efficient!

Sometimes in life, it may appear hard to TRUST. It certainly can be difficult to rely on others to accomplish a task at times.

Sometimes, it just seems BETTER to take matters into your own hands. After all, if you want something done RIGHT, do it yourself, right?

In life, I’ve learned to trust GOD who truly is the Author and Finisher of my faith!

There is no need to worry, stress, and certainly not complain about a particular process or ultimately, the outcome.

I choose to praise God for the lessons I might have learned through any particular challenge.

Thinking Deeper:

In life, I’ve come to accept that my life is not my own. I work to balance my day - starting it with Christ - as I’ve found that it just flows a lot better.

I choose to TRUST! I choose to LET GO! I choose FREEDOM of STRESS!

I choose to not take life matters into my “own” hands.

I choose to follow life’s road map (the Bible) that lays out the game-rules clearly before me and rest in the outcome..

Don’t give up! Going astray may get one set back!!

Stick with the clear path that has been laid before us via God’s Word and FOLLOW that path!!!

I love you!

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